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Cultural Christians ~ when Christianity isn’t Christianity

A prominent voice in mainstream media is Cultural Christians who care more about the culture than they do about actually following the teachings of Jesus. You know who they are — sycophant, sympathetic apologists for sexist, racist bigots and patriarchal … Continue reading

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Embracing evil

When some Christians talk about Jesus, they are simply wrong. Their politics are more important than the actual teaching of Jesus, and so they’ve twisted Jesus into something that’s not in the Bible and clearly not the message of Jesus. … Continue reading

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A letter to a local church

I sent this e-mail to an area church this week. I’ve redacted the church’s name for reasons that will be apparent. To XXX XX and the leadership of XXX XX XXX : My family lives less than two miles from … Continue reading

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Understanding Christians in Fowler’s Stages of Faith

Ask a seven year-old what it’s like to be 70. Get angry when a 16 year-old new driver doesn’t understand how to disassemble a car engine. Speak with a pair of 15-year-olds about the hermeneutic that informs their theology to … Continue reading

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Where is God in your smile?

I happened to be thinking about Joel Osteen the other day, and here he is talking with Stephen Colbert, a Christian. I have serious concerns about mega churches, but which faith leader best exemplified the joy of Christ? Osteen or … Continue reading

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A Christ-like response

There is evil in the world. There are daily reminders. Before the wounded in Paris were all transported to hospitals, good, thoughtful Christians had questions of faith. For example: “The more news that comes out about the attacks in Paris, … Continue reading

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Franklin Graham is out of his mind

Franklin Graham is out of his mind. And so are the tens of thousands of people who agree with him. In response to the shootings at Chattanooga military recruitment offices, Graham suggested “we are under attack by Muslims at home … Continue reading

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