Where is God in your smile?

I happened to be thinking about Joel Osteen the other day, and here he is talking with Stephen Colbert, a Christian.

I have serious concerns about mega churches, but which faith leader best exemplified the joy of Christ? Osteen or Franklin Graham?

Being close to God should result in being happy and kind and seeing the presence of God in others, regardless of their sexuality or politics. Who best demonstrates the happiness and kindness of God?

Osteen or Graham?

God sees who we are, who God created us to be. Politics and dogma are manmade, not the ways of God.

When politicians claim to be Christian, what do they do that demonstrates that? Do they love others? Do they encourage and lift up everyone, or do they divide people and marginalize the helpless?

Regardless of the good or ill that mega churches do, the world needs more people smiling when they talk about God, and fewer people claiming that God is judging.

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1 Response to Where is God in your smile?

  1. I agree with your comment that we need more people smiling when they talk about God.


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