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March for Our Lives – Williamsburg, Virginia

Through the heart of Colonial Williamsburg. Literally in the footsteps of Thomas Jefferson and George Washington. Advertisements

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March for Our Lives – Richmond, Va.

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Moderate Nazis are called Nazis

Germany’s authoritarian Nazi Party had members who were moderates. Moderate Nazis were called Nazis. There is no ‘moderate,’ middle ground when a portion of the population supports bigotry, racism, and discrimination, and a larger portion accepts it by not rejecting … Continue reading

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To my 4-year-old little girl: Walk Out

March 14, 2018 To my 4-year-old little girl: Walk out. Leave. Stand up, and walk out. Lead the way out the door. Across the country, young people got up and walked out of school, to call attention to gun violence. … Continue reading

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