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Trump is giving the graduation address at Liberty University, which claims to be the largest Christian college. Are those who accommodate, accept or ignore evil any better than the evil doer? I don’t think so. Trump is a liar, an … Continue reading

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Embracing evil

When some Christians talk about Jesus, they are simply wrong. Their politics are more important than the actual teaching of Jesus, and so they’ve twisted Jesus into something that’s not in the Bible and clearly not the message of Jesus. … Continue reading

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Where is decency?

How long would you permit someone to abuse another, before you step up? How long would you stay around someone telling racist jokes, before you walk away? How long do you let a man make derogatory and sexist comments about … Continue reading

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What’s better than 100 percent success?

Immigration officials have been 100 percent successful in stopping terrorists from entering the U.S. from the countries covered by the president’s ban. The vetting process is 100 percent successful. The current vetting process is 100% successful. There have been zero … Continue reading

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