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Popes and Protestants

It says something about the state of Christianity in the United States when the Pope, the Bishop of Rome, the head of the Roman Catholic Church, is heralded as liberal. My Facebook feed is filled with posts from all sorts … Continue reading

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Carmina Gadelica, Volume I, 1

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A message to my Irish sisters and brothers:

The Creator is active in creation. We can most closely connect to our Creator in creation – feeling the earth beneath our feet, running our hands through water, breathing deep the smells of a forest as the wind plays through … Continue reading

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The image of God

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Signs of the time

I noticed the signs a few months ago. My then 15 month-old daughter and I were shopping at Target, wandering through the toys. The signs told me which aisles had  “Girl” toys and which had “Boy” toys. I was taken … Continue reading

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Sodom and Biblical ignorance

There’s a common misunderstanding of the Bible – taking all the verses about a subject out of context, and then believing they are connected, when they aren’t. For example, the story of Sodom is about being inhospitable to strangers among … Continue reading

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The shoes of Aylan Kurdi

Three-year-old Aylan Kurdi died wearing the shoes his parents put on him for his long journey. His clothes were cared for. He was well-nourished. Obviously loved. His parents wanted him to grow up safe, not in a nation split by … Continue reading

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