Trilogy in progress

How long will society last without electricity?

How long would you last?

What would you do to survive?

This unique trilogy tells the story of a wife and husband struggling as society dissolves in the wake of a mysterious cataclysmic event.

Book one, In the Gloaming Hour, explores the moral dilemmas faced by a mother trying to protect her child and survive in a world where every car, computer and electric device has mysteriously stopped working. Told from her perspective, as a woman of faith, she grapples with the ethical lines she must cross to protect her daughter and herself.

Book two, In the Darkest Hour, is the same time frame as book one, day by day, from the perspective of the husband. Nearly 600 miles from home, a pastor must decide what he’s willing to do to survive and make his way back to his wife and child. He finds his faith constantly challenged as he’s forced to make ethical compromises so he can see his family again.

The final novel, In the Morning Hour, alternates between their stories as they struggle to find each other and to build a future in a violent world they no longer recognize.

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