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Original sin

The idea of original sin really is original, it’s not in the Bible. It’s a concept conceived by Augustine of Hippo. Augustine’s original sin says that you’re born a sinner as a result of the sin of Adam and Eve. … Continue reading

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A message to my Irish sisters and brothers:

The Creator is active in creation. We can most closely connect to our Creator in creation – feeling the earth beneath our feet, running our hands through water, breathing deep the smells of a forest as the wind plays through … Continue reading

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“Accepting Christ”

We’re born sinners. That’s what some Christians think. (Or is this what many Christians think? It appears so.) Most evangelicals say our sin nature is total depravity and the only thing that can save us is the grace of God. … Continue reading

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Why do Christians support executions?

For followers of Jesus, there is no justification for killing, ever. There’s nothing in the words of Jesus that says killing and executions are acceptable. In fact, the example of Jesus is exactly the opposite. With Jesus as our example, … Continue reading

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