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Cultural Christians ~ when Christianity isn’t Christianity

A prominent voice in mainstream media is Cultural Christians who care more about the culture than they do about actually following the teachings of Jesus. You know who they are — sycophant, sympathetic apologists for sexist, racist bigots and patriarchal … Continue reading

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God bless everyone

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“President Carter, am I a Christian?”

I love President Carter. I’ve written about him here: President Carter   and here: The desire to find peace on Memorial Day   and here: You met a president   New York Times reporter Nicolas Kristof had a great e-mail interview with … Continue reading

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Tim Kaine – A good and faithful servant

While he was Governor of Virginia, I interacted with Tim Kaine on many occasions. Here are a few personal reflections on the faith of Sen. Kaine, the Democratic candidate for Vice President of the United States. After the Virginia Tech … Continue reading

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This week on Facebook I unfriended and blocked one of my best friends from high school. For sometime, it’s been clear we’ve grown in different directions in our lives. He can’t understand the concept of white privilege and I can’t … Continue reading

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“Called by God?” Probably not.

We need another word to describe the current crowd of political opportunists in the US., because they aren’t Christian. I’m writing from a theological perspective, not a political point of view. Too many politicians seem to think God is their … Continue reading

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The Duggars – worshiping a wrong Jesus

“I don’t know who their version of Jesus or God is. I have no comprehension of the Duggar’s idea of right and wrong.” In 48 hours the Duggar’s reputation came tumbling down like a house built on stone-colored sand. Their … Continue reading

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Finding your elephant

Three blindfolded people were led to an elephant. The first person touched the elephant’s ear and said, “This is soft and supple like well worn leather.” The second person touched the elephant tusk and said, “This is hard and smooth, … Continue reading

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Celebrating pagan holidays

Listen to anyone criticize Christianity and eventually they may mention the notion that Christian holidays are based on pagan holidays. Which would make sense if ancient Christians celebrated modern holidays like Christmas and Easter. But they didn’t. The book of … Continue reading

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