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Celtic Christianity

I had a great conversation recently with John Philip Newell. John Philip is one of the world’s leading experts on Celtic Christianity. All Celtic Christian services I have attended have been similar: quietly contemplative, prayerfully pensive and filled with moving … Continue reading

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Your soul knows

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The voice comes from your soul

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More about the Bible

I wrote about the Bible previously. So, this is a little more about the Bible. A great deal of energy is dedicated to the Bible. A collection of writings that didn’t exist in its current form for more than the … Continue reading

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Too many Christians do Christmas wrong

If you’re a Christian who thinks the Christmas season ended on Dec. 25, then you’re already a casualty of the ‘war on Christmas,’ and you don’t even know it. In the United States, the annual commercial assault on Christmas begins … Continue reading

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A message to my Irish sisters and brothers:

The Creator is active in creation. We can most closely connect to our Creator in creation – feeling the earth beneath our feet, running our hands through water, breathing deep the smells of a forest as the wind plays through … Continue reading

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Nar laga Dia do Lamh

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The living God lives in creation

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A Christian blog for people who aren’t Christian.

From the fringe of the faith to the mainstream culture, the message of Jesus has gotten lost. But it hasn’t always been this way. Throughout history, pockets of Jesus followers have dedicated their hearts and lives to the message of … Continue reading

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