American patriarchy

Across the American landscape men are losing their jobs amid revelations of sexual misconduct, some of it illegal, all of it immoral examples of a bigger issue.

Republican politicians face accusations of sex crimes, and a pathetic portion of Christians rush justifications to the defense of the abusers. (Democrat sex crimes seldom find the supporters Republicans find. Just ask Anthony Weiner.)

This is worse than a faulty theology of patriarchy that sees the Creator of all as exclusively male. This leaches like black tar into every culture and most religions across the world.

Fundamental faith traditions from Wahhabi to independent Bible churches marginalize women while claiming to exalt them. They segregate women from leadership and blame women for being victimized by men. (And they justify it with a patriarchal, wrong interpretation of scripture.)

Women are treated as second class and inferior. Cultures and religions that don’t sexualize¬†adolescent girls or control them with a ‘purity culture,’ claim to ’empower’ women by normalizing objectifying activities like pageants and pole dancing.

Sexism isn’t a byproduct of theology and culture that discriminate against women — it’s the point.

This is more than patriarchy.

This is misogyny.

Male bias is fed by theologies that prohibit women from being treated equitably, barred from leadership positions in churches or working or dining alone with the Vice President of the United States.

Conservative Christians who see an abundance of sex in the entertainment industry fail to see the same sexism thriving in their churches, home schools, dress codes and marriages.

The issue is sexism, discrimination against women because they are women.

Politicians, movie producers, teachers, ministers, police officers — men in every profession — see women as little more than sex objects, cooks, cleaners or gestation pods for unborn babies, while churches and popular culture normalize an environment of oppression of women.

Sexism, along with racism and other prejudices, is like an illness: Some are burning up with fever, while others walk around daily with a low-grade temperature and never know it influences every aspect of their lives.

We are all befouled by the filth of sexism, some more than others. Many within churches are perpetrators.

All women are victims, the only issue is to what degree.

If you’re a man, and you haven’t heard stories of women being victimized, then you’re a perpetrator. If you deny the statements of women describing their abuse, you’re a perpetrator. If you ask why women don’t speak up sooner, you’re complicit in the victimization.

Patriarchy, misogyny, and sexism isn’t Christian or the teaching of Jesus. All of this is man-made. MAN made. Patriarchal, misogynist, and counter to Christian calling.

What will you do?

Stand on the side of the oppressors or stand with the oppressed?

Jesus is on the side of the victims.

Jesus is with the women. Always.

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