“To be spiritual is to be amazed”

Rather than try to teach my two and a half year-old how to see the world through my eyes, I strive to see the world through her eyes.

“Look, Daddy! I’m a frog! Ribbit! Ribbit!”

Every day we look at the horses in the field. We stop and listen to the birds and cicadas.

We feel the wind on our faces and look for the moon at night.

Every moment is a miracle when you’re two years-old. There will be time enough in the future to rush from place to place. Today we take time to connect to God through the moments that make up the day, and be amazed.


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2 Responses to “To be spiritual is to be amazed”

  1. Heather Freitag says:

    I love this. My 10 year old is a noticer. She notices everything in nature. The magnificence of our planet really gives her peace and balance. This can easily be a distraction for her. For the longest time we were not celebrating this in her. Now we know it is a gift and needs to be nurtured. My 10 year old will go out of in our backyard in 40 degree cloudy rainy weather…umbrella and backpack in hand, and then sit on a bench under a tree and do her homework. I look out the window and shiver and see the bleak winter day, she looks out the same window and sees it as beautiful and inviting.


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