“Both Heaven and Hell”

(Another in my series chronicling my possible return to vocational ministry.)

There’s a church nearby seeking a minister. In the search description, they’re looking for someone who:

“Preaches a balance approach to salvation – both Heaven and Hell – it’s all about eternity.”

Many live in a personal hell they never speak of.

We live in a broken world that falls short of the Divine.

Why would I drag that world  into a place people go to escape it for a little while?

Why remind parents and grandparents who attend church regularly, that their beloved children and grandchildren are estranged from the church and don’t recognize God in the world?

It’s not “all about eternity.”

It’s about living the way Jesus teaches us to live. It’s about following the example of Jesus. If we believe what Jesus says and live the way Jesus teaches — loving everyone the way Jesus loves us — then eternity will take care of itself.

Or, as Jesus says, “Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.”


two heads

For more in my series chronicling my possible return to vocational ministry:

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“For sometime, I’ve been prayerfully, seriously considering returning to vocational ministry. My wife and I have talked about it a lot.”

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