Finding a sign

For sometime, I’ve been prayerfully, seriously considering returning to vocational ministry. My wife and I have talked about it a lot.

Recently I specifically prayed to the Lord to show me a sign, to let me know this is the path I should take. And then a few hours later, I received this e-mail from a co-worker:


I’m in public relations, advertising and marketing. This is a promotional partnership I’m working on. I ordered the design of banners and fliers, but not the large sign in question.

So I asked for a sign, and out of the blue received  the word “sign.”


I would appreciate your prayers for my family, for churches that might review my resume, and for me.

Lord hear our prayers.


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2 Responses to Finding a sign

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  2. John Stewart says:

    Hi . The secret of knowing God’s will is both simplistic and hard. My own situation is a classic example of this. I live in the house that God undoubtedly wants me to live in! Why? Not only did He tell me when i first moved in, but over the 17 years that i have lived here i have fitted in like a glove . I have been the right person in the right place!
    However the job that i do now in all aspects is horrendous for me and i am on the verge of quitting or being sacked. Yet whenever i apply for another,that IMHO would be more beneficial for me, financially , practically and mentally , i come up against what seems to be an imprenitable wall? I can’t sustain the situation indefinitely and the situation causes me such torment..
    Yet i am doing ( reluctantly ) what God wants me to do! For what purpose?
    I was offered IMHO a better job, closer to home, but i needed my own transport to get there. However on every turn in my attempts to get a suitable car I have been thwarted. Even had my deposit returned to me after a price had been agreed. My neighbour with whom i confide , cannot believe all the stories that i have related in my car buying attempts.
    Now because of lack of transport the “better” job opportunity has fallen through, and i am left to ponder the reason why and my difficult circumstances.
    There is far too much to go into here. but the crux of the matter for you is not about signs as they can easily be misinterpreted or worse we can wilfully deceive ourselves if we want something so much.
    The real way forward is to knock on doors and pray that the right one would be opened up. When i needed accommodation , i looked through the small ads and phoned the prospective landlord. He initially showed me another flat in the same street but it just was unsuitable for my needs. However this one became miraculously available and the rest is history as they say. I say to you apply for what you think is the right way forward. Spend time in prayer and fasting – both of you and show God that you really are desparate to do the will of God.

    Romans 12:2 is key HTH


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