Marginalizing moderates

In many faith traditions, moderates are usually marginalized by the vocal extremists.

Ted Cruz, “conservative Christians,” “evangelicals,” Franklin Graham, Liberty University, and so many other “Christians” in the mainstream don’t represent the true message of Jesus. (Here’s a simple hint, if you think the government torturing someone is acceptable, then you’ve forgotten that Jesus of Nazareth was tortured by the government. When this happens, you’re probably not following the teaching of Jesus, you’re probably following American Jesus.)

The message, life, teachings and examples of Jesus are like ancient, fading billboards upon which modern Cultural Christians project what they want to see while they obscure the true message.

In a similar manner, radical, extremist Muslims are trying to hijack their faith, forcing moderates onto the defensive and manipulating the Christian “mainstream” into blaming all Muslims.

Islamic and Christian extremists dominate the headlines, suck all the air from the conversation, and force moderates and progressive to the fringe.

Just like the KKK and people who blow up abortion clinics don’t represent Christianity, Daesh, (the terrorists know as ISIS) and AlQaeda, don’t represent the true message of Islam.

Self-described Christian Ted Cruz is radicalizing Americans when he lies about Muslims in the United States, and simultaneously he’s helping to radicalize Muslims oversees by being a bigot.

There is no place in the world for Christian bigots or Islamic radicals. Life is difficult enough without these groups making things more uncomfortable for everyone.

For an example of how difficult it is being a moderate Muslim in the United States, listen to this story from National Public Radio.


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