President Carter

President Carter was in the news last week, announcing his diagnosis of brain cancer.

I’ve struggled with how to address this sad news.

Sad, yet inspiring.


Carter’s whole life has been inspiring.

Less than a week after his announcement and cancer treatment, Carter was in church teaching Sunday school for the 689th time.

We saw Carter teach Sunday school several years ago.

autographed photo

Just last month, we took our daughter to meet him.

He is an inspiring Christian and humanitarian.

When I try to explain to people what it means to be Baptist, I find the simplest explanation is to say, “I’m a Jimmy Carter Baptist.”

Would that we could all be Jimmy Carter Christians.

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2 Responses to President Carter

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  2. Sally says:

    You were and are a great President, and this office needs to be respected. How do we stop Donald Trump. Any advice. I know the USA and it’s people will come through. Thank Mr President.


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