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Moderate Nazis are called Nazis

Germany’s authoritarian Nazi Party had members who were moderates. Moderate Nazis were called Nazis. There is no ‘moderate,’ middle ground when a portion of the population supports bigotry, racism, and discrimination, and a larger portion accepts it by not rejecting … Continue reading

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Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

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Religious beliefs — discrimination or dogma?

I was born in Kentucky. At the time of my birth, in 1967, it was illegal in Kentucky, and throughout the south, for black people to marry white people. Miscegenation laws, some of them more than 150 years old, prohibited … Continue reading

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An ugly cycle of racial terrorism

The facts of the church shooting in Charleston, South Carolina are unfolding. But the deeper causes are like the rotted roots of an abscessed and infected tooth. In the moments after hearing the news, my thoughts went to another racist … Continue reading

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