About Jim

I spent nearly 35 years as a non-Christian.SAXMAN130808_JimMeisner-116

I know the arguments against Christianity, because I probably said them. I made fun of Christians, pitied Christians and could clearly see how hypocritical too many so-called Christians were.

In late 2001, I found the Creator in Creation. Over the next months, I became a Christian.

I read the Bible on my own and clearly saw and heard something different from what preachers and other Christians usually say (including what claims to be Christian radio).

I attended seminary, earned a Master of Divinity and was the pastor of a church for a few years.

Today I follow Jesus.

Jesus gives us a better way to be, but too many judgmental Christians get in the way and drive people away from the message of Jesus.

I’m frustrated with both Christians and non-Christians who make judgments based on what they think the Bible says, rather than what it actually says. What they think the message of Jesus is, rather than what it actually is.

The authentic message of Jesus remains on the fringe of the faith and many spiritual seekers are on the fringe of the culture. Here they can find faith on the fringe.

Here’s a longer, more specific version of my faith story —

My writing about faith has been published in:




And my blog, on Patheos: https://www.patheos.com/blogs/faithonthefringe/



5 Responses to About Jim

  1. Tim Hall says:

    Churches have lost their way when they just preach love without also preaching the need to confront anti-social behaviours.


  2. I just read “God Moves” and it made me cry. Thank you for your good writing and your good message,


  3. Catherine says:

    I’m always interested in ideology v. “religion”. Growing up in an Irish/Catholic home and attending Catholic school, gave me a good sense of values–and there’s a lot of dogmatic stuff I’m not thrilled with..but overall, Catholics are pretty cool when it comes to not being like the fundies. I found your blog through a random site and it is very intriguing. Thanks for your works. Looking forward to reading!


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