What is faith?

What is faith?

Is it our belief in God?

Or the confidence we have in ourselves?

Is faith the trust we put in others?

How do we measure something so personally believed and often so publicly lived?

Sometimes we find our faith out of step with the mainstream. We disagree with friends and family, because our faith is more complex. More nuanced. We see the world in vivid color, not black and white.

Many of us share questions about faith, and Faith, Hope, and Baseball is a novel that grapples with those same questions.

From the Amish to Atheists, the novel’s characters struggle with the same sorts of questions we all have about a Higher Power and the nature of God.

How does God enter into our decisions?

How are we different outside of our faith community?

What does faith mean to us at a personal level?

There are no easy answers to hard questions.

These questions and more are on the minds of the colorful characters in Faith, Hope, and Baseball.

No matter where you are on your faith journey, you’ll appreciate this heart-warming novel.

Follow this link to buy an autographed copy of Faith, Hope, and Baseball.

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