The power of positive thinking. Really.

Positive thinking seldom cures debilitating diseases.

All the prayers in the world won’t regrow an amputated limb.

But how you respond to situations lays the foundation for future situations.

Scripture says the rain falls on the just and the unjust.

How do you react to the rain? How do you respond to difficulty?

Your reaction to situations impacts what happens next in your life.

Life is short and difficult and astonishingly beautiful. Moments of wondrous miracles are intertwined with the mundane. You can look for difficulty or look for beauty, you will find what you look for.

The energy you project into the world is the energy you attract to you.

The video is about seeing the world differently and reacting in a different way. A different way of being. Creating your own environment by focusing exclusively on the energy you want in your life and ignoring everything else.

This isn’t about Prosperity Gospel — that’s unBiblical, unsound and ultimately spiritually destructive. This is simply about responding with a positive mindset.

It’s a basic precept of nature, positive and negative cannot occupy the same space. Protons and electrons are opposite charges, attracted to each other, but not occupying the same location.

Peace and anxiety do not live together in the same heart. One will crowd out the other.

Paul asked the church in Corinth, “what fellowship is there between light and darkness?”

Light and dark cannot exist in the same place.

Too many focus on the negative aspects of the Bible, and are therefore unable to fully embrace the positive. With eyes focused on sin, they fail to see grace. They may pay lip service to God’s love, but fill their minds with thoughts of condemnation.

Too many focus on Genesis 3 and sin, and not enough on Genesis 1 and creation.

If you believe people have a “sin nature,” then you’ll come to expect sin as their nature.

Sin and grace can’t exist in the same thought. We focus on one and diminish the other.

You will find what you look for.

See the world differently.

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