Shacking up

The Shack, the book and movie, is another stark example of the differences among modern Christians.

Some Christians are quick to discredit and criticize a movie they’ve never seen about a book they’ve never read.

They casually toss around words like “blasphemy” and “heresy,” while they proudly declare they won’t be exposed to neither book nor movie.

They celebrate remaining ignorant of what The Shack may contain, rather than be exposed to new or different ideas.

5083471-the-shack-book-quotesIn the same way, they accept a  theology from a Bible they’ve never read, basing judgements on what others tell them it says.

We know they have no idea of what the Bible teaches, because by words and actions they demonstrate ignorance of the basic message of Jesus. Too often, they embrace views and support leaders who encompass the antithesis of Jesus.

They celebrate narrow mindedness with no hope of growing spiritually or intellectually.

It’s nearly impossible for some Christians to imagine any other type of Christianity but their own. Their faith development traps them in a way of thinking that is difficult to escape and easy to self-regulate — as long as no new information is introduced into their thinking. Thus the need to reject outright any idea that might challenge deeply held beliefs.

So instead of celebrating a popular book and mainstream feature film with Jesus as a prominent character, they declare heresy without any facts. Rather than risk learning something new, they brand a book and movie blasphemous.

As for me, I doubt I’ll see the film. The first third of the novel was so emotionally heart-breaking, that I don’t think I can intentionally stand to see such sorrow on the big screen.

The novel was recommended by my seminary dean, “Shack up this summer,” he said, “and read the book.”

The theology was interesting, informative and not remotely able to shake my understanding of God in my life in the Spirit of Jesus Christ.

(If your faith can be shaken by The Shack, was your faith much good in the first place?)

The fact is, Jesus and God are major figures in a popular book and movie. If this can help introduce people to who Jesus and God are, then that’s good. If the movie helps people understand that the boycotting Christians have no idea who Jesus is, then that’s good, too.

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2 Responses to Shacking up

  1. Duane Toole says:

    Great thoughts, and mine, too!


  2. Well written…totally agree…personally I got a lot out of the book and look forward to watching the film too


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