Do not be afraid

As a year ends and another begins, I pause to reflect upon the year gone by and consider the year to come.

The Roman god Janus was the god of gates, halls, doors, and doorways. The god of beginnings and endings.

Head of Janus, Vatican museum, Rome

Head of Janus, Vatican museum, Rome.

Janus frequently symbolized change and transitions, such as the progression of past to future, of one condition to another. He represented time, because he looked into the past with one face and into the future with the other.

This is where January gets its name.

In 2015, this blog was viewed around 23,000 times by people in 101 countries.

The corresponding Faith on the Fringe Facebook page had more than 680 likes.

2016 ended with the Facebook page growing to 3,403 likes, and this page hosting 14,500 views.

Views are down because I published nearly 40 fewer posts. I had fewer posts because I finished my first novel in 2016, and we have a toddler!

It’s heartening that what I write means something to people who read it. I sincerely appreciate your valuable attention.

Thank you.

In 2017, my personal goals include more speaking engagements. (Feel free to contact me to learn about having me speak.) And a lot more writing — my next novels as well as more here on this blog.

This will be a tough year for many people for a lot of reasons.

Each of us can only control ourselves and how we respond to what happens around us. Many people deal in fear. Including people of faith.

Be not afraid.

Let your heart not be bothered.

We have Christ with us. Be not afraid.

I admit I’m afraid of what may happen to the US and the global economy, with the new political leadership. My retirement is as safe as one can hope. But many of us are concerned economic calamity, precipitated by international trade wars and ill-conceived tweets, could come across the land like a Biblical pestilence. I fear for how I may take care of my daughter, but I’m not afraid for myself.

Since the day of my baptism, fear is no longer a factor in my life. I fear for those I care for, but as for me, I follow the Lord.

I strive to focus on the present moment. The eternal present.

God is here, with me, now. There in no room for fear.

The Creator is now, always was, and forever will be.

How can we be afraid, when we allow ourselves to be comforted by the One who comforts all?

The God who was with Jesus in the garden, can be with us in our darkest hours.

In this new year, I wish you the best.

Do not be afraid.

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1 Response to Do not be afraid

  1. Denzil says:

    I wish you well in your endeavours for 2017, and much energy to cope with a toddler in the house!


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