About Faith on the Fringe

A Christian blog for questioning Christians, pagans, the spiritual who reject organized religion, and others on the fringe of the faith.

You think mainstream Christianity has it wrong?

You’re probably right, because too much of mainstream Christianity has lost the message of Jesus.

But it hasn’t always been this way.

Throughout history, pockets of Jesus followers dedicated their hearts and lives to the message of Jesus and ignored Christian and cultural leaders.

The Celts of Ireland recognized and embraced the message of Jesus like no one else, but the Celts remained at the fringe of the dominant culture and their version of Christianity remained on the fringe of the faith.

Today’s version of pagan Celts, and everyone unhappy with today’s so-called Christians, can find the message of Jesus in Celtic Christianity and they may find their faith on the fringe.


2 Responses to About Faith on the Fringe

  1. Sandy Speight says:

    I have been following your FB page but haven’t read this before. Do you have a reading list for beginners on Celtic Christianity? I’m very interested in the history.


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