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Receive the kingdom of God as a little child

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The living God lives in creation

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Christians in our changing world

Their religion no longer sustains them. The society of their youth has vanished. Their simple theology is nearly worthless in a complex and changing world. They are afraid. In their fear they lash out at “others.” Liberals, immigrants, judges who … Continue reading

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My faith story – more or less

In September, 2001, I was living in a hotel, going through a divorce, drinking and smoking too much. A week after 9-11, when so many of us were grappling with such an example of pure evil in the world, I … Continue reading

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Justice Scalia, Meet Spirituality

Originally posted on Writing with Spirit:
Everybody’s all atwitter, alarmed or amused by Justice Antonin Scalia’s silly suggestion to “ask the nearest hippie” about freedom and intimacy. But I’m more dismayed by his admission that he doesn’t have a clue…

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American dependence

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The sacred and the Dead

There are some really good articles here about some of the songs from one of the best, and strangest, bands in history.

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